Chinar Park Overview: A Beautiful Residential Area in Kolkata

Chinar Park has become quite a popular place to live in Rajarhat, Kolkata. It is located in the Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation, which is in the North 24 Parganas district of Kolkata. This area is conveniently located near Atghara, Dash Drone, and Sukanta Pally. What really makes Chinar Park famous is its close vicinity to the New Town, the popular new spot in Kolkata. 

It is designed to be a modern satellite town that has all the fancy amenities you can think of, which makes living here a delightful experience. Chinar Park is like the New Town’s gateway. It sits right on the Biswa Bangla Sarani and Rajarhat Main Road junction. This area is growing rapidly, just like the New Town itself. 

The best part about Chinar Park is its proximate location to the bustling employment and commercial hubs in New Town and Salt Lake, as well as to the airport. In this article, we will discuss more interesting details about Chinar Park. So don’t go anywhere!

Locality and Neighborhood Overview

Chinar Park is a lovely area located in the eastern portion of Kolkata. It’s situated near the intersection of Biswa Bangla Sarani and Rajarhat Main Road. What is great about Chinar Park is that it is very close to the airport, making it a desirable area for residents. It falls within the influential places of Tegharia, Baguiati, Rajarhat, and Kaikhali, adding to its appeal.

The residential development in Chinar Park has been consistent, with a mixture of developing and well-developed apartment complexes. Some notable residential projects in the area include Urban Greens, Aster Greens Complex, Chinar Heights, Loharuka Green Chinar, and Arch Starwood. There are more than 150 flats in chinar park kolkata available for purchase. 

Also, you will find over 150 flats for rent in chinar park kolkata. So, there are plenty of options for those looking to settle in this beautiful locality. One of the highlights of Chinar Park, according to its residents, is its excellent connectivity, which they rate at 4.5 out of 5. Being well-connected to various parts of the city is definitely a big advantage. 

In addition, the residents feel extremely safe in this area, giving it a perfect 5 out of 5 rating for safety. All in all, Chinar Park offers a wonderful living experience with its pleasant atmosphere, convenient location, and wide range of housing choices. It is no wonder residents are delighted to call this place their home.

Physical Infrastructure Details of Chinar Park

This is a great area to live in. You have some major roads like VIP Road, NH-12 Road, and Rajarhat Main Road passing through here, making it super convenient to move around in the area. Chinar Park is only 3 km away from the Netaji Subhash Chandra International Airport, which can be reached in 10 minutes via the NH-12 road.

Also, the area has great connectivity with Dum Dum Metro Station and Dum Dum Junction, both about 8 kilometers away. You can reach these spots in just under half an hour. In addition, the road infrastructure in Chinar Park is top-notch. It adds to the overall charm and beauty of the locality. So whether you are driving or taking public transport, you will have a smooth ride around this lovely area.


Chinar Park is a great place to commute. It has some convenient bus options like 91B, 93, and 211A that make commuting very comfortable. If you are heading to the airport, you can go through the Airport Bus Stand line VS1. For bus trips, there is the Birati Minibus Stand. If you need to catch a train, you have the Dum Dum Cantonment railway station and Durganagar railway station nearby. 

Also, if you prefer the metro, you can choose between the Central Park metro station and the Karunamoyee metro station. In addition, don’t forget about the Rajarhat road connecting Birati and Chinar Park. It has been a real lifesaver in reducing traffic and making the whole commuting experience smoother.

Nearby Centers of Employment

This place is very close to all the important job spots in Kolkata. You have Salt Lake’s prime IT hub, just 8-9 kilometers away from Chinar Park, which you can go to in a quick 20-25 minutes through the Kestopur-Baguiati Flyover. Another key business center, New Town, is only 7-8 kilometers away from this area. You can go there in just 15-20 minutes via the NH-12 road.

Some well-known companies like TCS, IBM, Infosys, Deloitte, and Cognizant have offices in these business hubs. Now, when it comes to commercial establishments, Rajarhat Road is the place to be in Chinar Park. It is packed with tons of businesses and offices. 

Even at night, the major places in Chinar Park that are close to commercial hubs remain crowded. Speaking of offices, you have some good ones right in chinar park kolkata. There is the Will Group Of Companies, Myofyc Chinar Park, and Swaggit Solutions Pvt. Ltd., just to name a few companies.

Retail and Social Infrastructure

Holy Place Multipurpose Institute, Teghoria High School, and Mangalam Vidya Niketan are some schools located in close proximity to Chinar Park. The most popular school in the area is Kidzee Chinar Park. When it comes to hospitals, there are some really good ones around here, like the Miras Women Healthcare, Uma Hospital, Charnock Hospital, and Renaissance Hospital. 

However, Charnock Hospital is the most easily accessible hospital in Chinar Park. There are some local markets in this area that take care of all the everyday household needs of the residents. There are a few places in Chinar Park that don’t have enough street lights, which can be a bit risky at night. But don’t worry, the police do a great job patrolling the area at night and making it safe for the residents.

If you are in the mood for some shopping, then Chinar Park has some fantastic shopping complexes nearby. You can check out Brand Factory Chinar Park, Spencer’s, or City Centre New Town. If you like enjoying outdoor activities, then you can visit the main parks in this locality, which are Chinar Park and Ray Garden. 

These two main parks, along with some other public and private parks, add a beautiful touch of greenery to this area. The streets in Chinar Park are mostly clean, thanks to the diligent work of the Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation. They really take their duties seriously in keeping this area neat and clean.

Investment Advice for Purchasing A Flat in This Area

In the past few years, flats in Chinar Park, Kolkata, have experienced a significant price movement of around 4.0%. The average chinar park kolkata flat rates are approximately 4550 Indian rupees per square foot. 

Buyers can also consider Salua, Dash Drone, Baguiati, and Biman Nagar for buying a home, as they offer property options in the same price segment as Chinar Park. However, it is worth noting that the commercialization happening near Chinar Park has affected the area’s price appreciation to some extent.

Rental Flat Details

If you are looking for affordable flats to get rent, then Chinar Park is the perfect locality for you. There are more than 100 flats available for rent at a really reasonable price. The average rental value of an affordable flat in chinar park kolkata is less than 15,000 Indian rupees per month. 

You will also find a nice selection of mid-segment properties, about 20 or so, with rents ranging from 15,000 to 19,000 Indian rupees per month. Besides, if you are looking for a bit more luxurious flat, then there are over 20 premium properties available for you. This type of flat chinar park kolkata rent is over 19,000 Indian rupees per month.

Overall, for getting rent, the average monthly kolkata chinar park flat price ranges from 6,900 to 19,300 Indian rupees. It is a great area with a variety of rental options to suit different budgets and preferences. 

Some of the most well-known societies in this locality are Nirman Greens, Tarini Enclave, and Arch Starwood. So, whether you are looking for affordable rental options or something more luxurious, Chinar Park has something for everyone.


Finally, we can say that Chinar Park, a suburb in North Kolkata, is becoming a popular choice for residential living. It is a fantastic place to live. The location is just perfect, offering great advantages and a peaceful environment. One of the best things about Chinar Park is its excellent road connectivity. 

You can easily reach the major locations of Kolkata, like on one side, Salt Lake and New Town, and on the other side, Dum Dum Junction and the airport. The area is buzzing with activity as property buyers and builders show great interest in Chinar Park. Its society is vibrant and full of life. Also, you will find a variety of apartment complexes here, providing a wide range of options to choose from.